Favo AS

We are a small team in Norway, who wants to make the web better by making beautiful web-applications that are easy to use.

And we love it!


Clever and friendly digital signage

PinToMind is a simple way to manage public displays. Bring awareness to important matters, welcome visitors, and influence what’s being talked about.


Den moderne oppslagstavlen

Infoskjermen.no is the Norwegian "mother" of PinToMind. It's where it all started back in 2009, and is the success that has fueled our company.


We practice responsive design

We have done some webdesigns over the last years, but the main focus is our webapps.

All our designs are responsive and optimized for both desktop and mobile .


Simple app for your lottery. Try it now!


Books or only numeral?

Books or only numeral?

All possible numbers in the series is drawn.
Exit or draw again


Tap, click, hit space or enter for next number...

Choose range, and hit draw to get started.
Direct url:  favo.no/luuucky


This is us. Feel free to get in touch!